Multiple Implants, Full-Arch Restoration, Complex Reconstruction

The treatment sequence for multi-unit cases, full-arch restoration cases, or complex osseous reconstruction cases are patient-specific and determined after case analysis and treatment plan development.

  • The patient should be referred to the oral surgeon for an initial consultation.
  • It is recommended the restorative office take photos and have patient models made to assist in case development. Alternatively, these can also be made in our office.
  • It is not unusual to have more than one consultation to finalize the treatment plan.
Implant Supported Bridge
bridges can be supported by dental implants
Full Arch Reconstruction-Crown and Bridge full crown and bridge restorations can be supported by multiple dental implants
 Full Arch Reconstruction-Implant Supported Denture (Hybrid Denture)
hybrid dentures can be supported and secured by several dental implants

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